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SNV is looking for qualified ‘dairy value chain experts’ for its Dairy Programme in Kenya (Short and long term assignments – Local positions)

SNV is a Dutch based international Development Organization that provides market based solutions for the poor through local institutions and organizations in more than 33 developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Started in 1967, SNV program in Kenya is organized in 3 sectors combined with multidisciplinary portfolio teams of about 8 core advisors each.  SNV Kenya has three portfolio offices based in South Rift (With an office in Nairobi), Northern Kenya (With an office in Nanyuki) and North Rift (With an office in Eldoret).

Our advisory services are focused on three sectors: Agriculture including the Dairy Sector (value chain development, inclusive business), Renewable Energy, Water and Sanitation. Governance is an important cross-cutting issue. Accountability, sustainability, gender equity and social inclusion are key (good) governance principles pursued by SNV within the sectors. SNV contributes to poverty reduction by providing
capacity development services to partner organizations at “meso” and national level in order to improve their performance, so that they can make better deliberate choices, deliver appropriate services to their constituencies (or members) and defend the interests of poor people.

Our national and international advisors provide advisory services by developing organisational and leadership capacities, catalysing market-based solutions, promote the development and leveraging of knowledge, and support policy dialogue at national level. Our clients include government, private sector, farmer groups and NGOs.  SNV Kenya has a track record in the development of rural enterprises and market systems and its programmes are about improving rural incomes and livelihoods through strengthening of different markets systems to catalyse businesses, trade and services.

Key function/Responsibilities

The positions will support realization of the goal to enhance efficiency and profitability in the dairy industry with beneficiaries across
the chain, including smallholders through higher production and profitability, primary societies and processors, and low income earning consumers through enhanced access to safe and nutritious milk  products.

1. Support to market systems 

  • Strengthening farmers collection and bulking enterprises (CBEs) to grow milk volumes & quality, profitability, and deliver services to the farmers (members), incl extension and fodder management.
  • Strengthening linkages between CBEs and processors and CBEs and service providers & input suppliers to build loyalty and quality in the supply chain.
  • Strengthening local service providers and training institutes for skill development.
  • Supporting models that focus on increased access of poorer consumers to safe and nutritious dairy products.
  • Supporting industry associations and regulators to address systemic issues in the industry like milk quality, seasonal fluctuations (dry season), animal feed/fodder, AI services, product diversification/value addition, etc.

2. Value Chain Development services

  • Producer group strengthening (CBEs).
  • Link to finance: impact investment advisory services and setting up an Innovation Fund.
  • Value chain development and inclusive business and linkages with private sector.
  • Service provider/input supplier strengthening.
  • Access to knowledge institutes and dairy industry experts from the Netherlands.

3. Requirements/Qualifications


  • Master degree or equivalent experience in the dairy industry in economic development, private sector development, business development in line with SNV’s mission and programs
  • At least 5 years of work experience in the dairy industry is required. 

Skills & Knowledge

  • Experience and strong track record as a project or sector manager in private sector or donor funded programmes supporting dairy value chains and market systems.
  • Experience in dealing with actors at all levels in the dairy industry, incl. farmer enterprises (CBEs), processors, input suppliers, service providers, policy makers and regulators.
  • Thorough understanding of the principal issues facing the dairy industry through experience with producer organizations/CBEs, processors, input suppliers, industry associations and government.
  • Knowledge and experience with at least two of the following themes: animal feed/ fodder management, AI, general animal husbandry, milk quality, training and extension.   
  • Experienced in project development, proposal writing, project and work planning, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting; experience with theory of change, log frame and DCED methodology.  
  • Commitment to development strategies that empower and commercialize dairy smallholders as critical value chain actors through inclusion in the largely private sector driven dairy value chain.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written in English.

Personal attributes:

In addition to professional qualifications and work experience, the candidate shall be expected to be:

  • A self-motivated achiever with demonstrated ability for
  • Leadership and strong management skills.
  • Strong in report writing skills and planning methodologies.
  • Good in resource management and organizational skills.
  • Proficient in MS Word & excel at an advanced level.
  • In a position to demonstrate knowledge of relevant networks and networking skills.

Duty Station

Nairobi and/or Eldoret.

Contract Duration

SNV Kenya has openings for both short-term and long term assignments. More details shall be discussed with successful applicants.